The modern world has brought many new challenges to our society. It is becoming increasingly important for us to adapt to the pace of change and pressures of our world. As we all struggle to come to terms with our lives and the way we are in the world its clear many of us need help to manage our minds.

Virtual Reality is not new a technology and for over 30 years now, people have been professing the potential of it to do so much beyond just entertainment. More and more studies are now being done into the use of VR for helping people to overcome challenges of the mind.

Taking inspiration from this research we are embarking on the road to bring the together best of this technology with traditional and sometimes ancient practices and making it accessible to people who may benefit from the unique way in which VR could deliver content that helps those among us who sometimes need a little support.

Who are we and what’s our story?

Once upon a time there was a bloke called Mike, Mike loved technology…he loved to build stuff and make it work. Then one day in 1989 Mike got his first Amstrad CPC464 and saw the Virtuality headset on Tomorrows World in 1990 you can watch it here if you’re interested ever since Mike has dreamed of creating amazing things in VR that other people will love as much as he does.

One day Mike met Sophie. As it turns out, whilst Mike has been lost in tech, Sophie has spent a large portion of her life struggling with a curious mind. This curiosity has seen Sophie spend hours researching ways in which she can help herself to calm her mind. This curiosity has sent her researching across many subjects, disciplines and countries learning ways to improve mind and body. Somewhere in the middle of this combination Another Space VR was born and Sophie and Mike are happy to say they are now firmly on the journey.

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